Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Emergency Notification via Your Cell Phone

Today would be a great time to take a minute to sign up for Cabrillo's emergency notification system. If the upcoming storm causes power outages or other issues for the college, you will be sent a text message.

Cabrillo College offerings an SMS-based emergency notification service for your mobile phone. In the event of an emergency, Cabrillo students, staff, faculty and others will be alerted in real-time important security information. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Santa Cruz County: If there is an emergency near your home and the fire department needs to evacuate people, they will do a reverse 911 call to all homes in the area to inform them when and how evacuation will happen. However you might not be home when they call, so you can register your cell phone number so that when they call homes in your area your cell number will be on the call list too. This website is only for Santa Cruz County. Do it now, it only takes 1 minute....really. Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1.

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