Friday, February 5, 2016

Deadlines for Adding & Dropping Courses

February 6 - Last day to add a Spring section
February 6 - Last day to drop a Spring section and receive a reversal of charges or refund of enrollment
February 7 - Last day to drop a full-term course without an academic record "W"

Just as it is your responsibility to register yourself for a class, it is also your responsibility to drop a class when you decide not to continue. The timing of a drop makes a difference in whether or not you owe the college for a course you registered for or if you will receive a refund. It could also impact your financial aid and may limit your ability to receive aid in the future.

Dropping so you can take this class next semester? Careful! Students are allowed ONLY three attempts to successfully pass a course and will then be unable to take it again at Cabrillo. Learn more about this new State regulation and what it might mean to you.

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