Thursday, February 11, 2016

January & February CalWORKs Hourly Activity Records

January reports were due on February 5th
February reports are due on March 7th

All CalWORKs students are required to submit a Study Log sheet for any supervised study hours reported on their HAR. You may keep this sheet with you or keep it in the binder on our front counter.

Supervised Study Log
January 2016 - Excel
January 2016 - PDF

February 2016 - Excel
February 2016 - PDF

Print out the PDF and fill in by hand or open the Excel file and type in your hours. The formulas in the Excel file will add up your hours for you. You may also pick up copies in our office. 

Remember that for every one hour of class you may claim one hour of unsupervised study time. Study time beyond that must be supervised. You can work in the Fast Track office, Library, Computer Technology Center, STEM Center, or Tutoring Center for these hours.

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