Friday, May 20, 2016

CalWORKs Maximum Family Grant Rule Repeal

For quite sometime, the CalWORKs Association has been working to repeal the maximum family grant rule which punishes the poorest of the poor children in California. This year we are very, very close to achieving our goal. But we need your help. NOW!

The leaders of both the Assembly and Senate have publicly expressed their support for repealing the MFG rule. The campaign to repeal the law has gained over 150 organizational supporters and no organizational opposition. It has gained bipartisan support in each house. It has inspired faith communities to come together as well. Please take a moment to watch this video, which explains more about the MFG and why the faith community is so unified in our support for repealing this law:

Now we need your help to ensure that Governor Brown signs a budget that includes funds for the repeal of the MFG by sending him the message below. Please take the minute to make sure that this is the year California finally does the right thing!

Please view the attached video and then reach out to Governor Brown. There is still time for him to provide funding for these children in the next budget cycle.

Suggested email message to Governor Brown:
  • As a constituent I strongly urge you to join with the Legislature, its leadership, and over 150 organizations - including many in the faith community - and fund the repeal of the Maximum Family Grant rule in the 2016-17 California Budget. We know you have many conflicting priorities but the MFG is a law that serves no purpose and does great harm to California's poorest infants and children.
To send this email:
  1. Go to:
  2. When asked "Purpose of Communication", choose "Comment."
  3. When asked "Subject", choose "Budget Proposal 2016-17".
  4. Cut and paste email into comment slot and send.
To phone in message, call: (916) 445-2841
To Tweet @JerryBrownGov:

  • As a resident of California, I ask you to please fund the repeal of the Maximum Family Grant rule in the 2016-17 California Budget.#MFGRepeal

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