Monday, May 8, 2017

Do You Know What Classes to Take in Fall?

The time to register for Fall semester is coming up soon!
The Fall Schedule is posted online! Look at it with your ed plan to make sure the classes you need are being offered.

Be aware that early registration for CalWORKs and WIOA students is only TWO DAYS before early registration for all continuing students! Don't delay to register or you might not get the classes you need!

You can schedule an appointment with our counselor to make sure your ed plan is correct and has the correct classes for the Fall semester. Give us a call 831-479-6344 to schedule!

May 4 - Fall Schedule available online
May 15 - Early Registration for CalWORKs, WIOA, Veterans, EOPS, ASC, and Guardian Scholar Students
May 17 - Early Registration for Continuing Students
August 28 - Fall Semester Begins

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